Little Me Series

The Growth Series

The Concept:
"Don't underestimate my potential to grow!" A little seed can grow into a tree if given the right nourishment. In the same sense, we can grow and be as great as we want! Encourage yourself to keep reaching for your dreams with these berries.

Each colour represents different encouragements.
Ambitious Red - tells us to be ambitious
Playful Orange - tells us to not be so serious
Positive Yellow - tells us to be optimistic
Humble Green - tells us to be modest with our strengths and weaknesses
Calm Blue - tells us to face it all with tranquility
Confident Purple - tells us "WE CAN!"
Lovely Pink - tells us to fall in love with ourselves
Carefree Peach - tells us that everything is just peachy
Clarity White - tells us to look at things from all angles