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Ordering Custom Plushies from Wonder Wishes Studio

Here at Wonder Wishes, custom orders are always welcome! In fact I love them (´∀`)♡ They give me chances to make something new and also get to know my customers a little better. If you've ever wondered or have been worried about asking me to make you a custom plush, read through this page. I'll go through the process of how we do custom orders and all the details about creating your perfect plush. In the end you'll be ready to click that "request a custom order" button on Etsy (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Custom Plushies Cute Unique Gifts.jpg

Requesting a Custom Order

A lot of my past custom order customers liked that they were a part of the creation process. As I make their amigurumi, we would have conversations about their preferences and look at photos of the work-in-progress. If your time is limited however, or if you aren't on Etsy as much, you can just tell me all your preferences at once in the notes of your order. While you're on Etsy, it would also be great if you can give me the "OK" for me to ship without you confirming the final product. Custom orders will only be shipped when you OK it... so that you know what to expect inside your package ( *’ω’* ).

❤︎1❤︎ Category

The first step when requesting a custom order is to look through the "Custom Orders" section in my Etsy shop and choose a basic structure. You can choose to start off your plush as a dog shape (custom dogs), as a seated doll (like my Hello Kitty amigurumi)... I also have a page for dangly-tailed animal keychains. In the future I would even love to add a custom Pokemon plush page as well. If you don't see the shape you want, you are more than welcome to suggest one.

❤︎2❤︎ Reference Photos

Sending me reference photos is important for when you are ordering a custom dog to look like a pet from real life. Reference photos are also good for when you have an idea in mind of what the amigurumi should look like!

❤︎3❤︎ Colour Preferences

Tell me your colour preferences ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ) Whether it is a regular brown or you're asking for a purple dog, I'd love any colour you choose. The colours I have sometimes become unavailable in stores but I'm also constantly adding new and pretty colours to my yarn collection. Let me know if you have a certain colour you want and I"ll send over updated colour swatches for you to pick from.

Custom Plushies Amigurumi Personalized G

❤︎4❤︎ Eyes (❛ᴗ❛)

I am an artist! Did you know I have a degree in Visual Arts? I really love to experiment and get creative and this means even with eyes, you'll have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose between sewn/ embroidered eyes or safety eyes. Within those you can choose to have the eyes brown or black. Personally I like using brown for more pastel coloured amigurumi because overall it creates a softer and sweeter look ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛

Hello Kitty Crochet Handmade Plush.jpg
Hello Kitty Amigurumi.jpg
Vaporeon Amigurumi Stuffed Animal Plush.

For those who like extra pretty eyes, I offer a painted safety eyes option. I'm still experimenting but these eyes are painted and then glossed for protection.

❤︎5❤︎ Extra Accessories

For a lot of my creations I offer an extra accessory option. For example, with Hello Kitty orders, sometimes I would give her a bow and other times a flower crown. Extra accessories could also include a collar, a hair bow, or a bandana for dogs, a bell for cats... keychain charms... seasonal items like Santa hats... lots of room for creativity and ideas~

The Creation Process

Once you have placed your order, it would be great if you can check your Etsy messages often! I like to send my customers progresss photos and updates as their amigurumi is being made! This would be your chance to give any feedback and/or change anything. Here are some progress photos from past orders for you to see~

Work in Progress Shots of Wolf.jpg
Work in Progress Wolves.jpg
Wolf Amigurumi Handmade Cute Gifts.jpg

Now that all the work is done and you have OK'd the final product, it is time to package up your order! It's so exciting for me to send my customers their custom plushies! I hope you'll be just as excited to receive yours!

If you have anymore questions about what the custom order process is like, feel free to message me directly~

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Instagram - @wonderwishes_cherrie

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