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Mango Milk Pudding Customizations

Have you seen the mango milk pudding I've posted in the shop and on my Instagram?

I made this adorable little mango pudding using my Tofu Cube Pattern found at

I know some may prefer to DIY and crochet their own, so I'm writing this blog!~

If you would also like to use the pattern to make your own Mango Pudding, I'll write down the customizations here!


  1. Do Step 1 of the pattern twice. Once in White and once in Yellow.

  2. Do Step 2, but instead of 4 times, make 3. Start with Yellow and continue for 6 rows. Continue with white for the rest.

  3. Do Step 3, also starting with Yellow and changing to White after 6 rows.

  4. For Step 4, ABCD, are the Yellow & White pieces

  5. For Step 11, make sure to match Yellow to Yellow and White to White

  6. For Step 15, I made one instead of two leaves

As always, I'd love to see the mango puddings created by everyone! Share them with me on Instagram @wonderwishes_cherrie! Thanks for visiting!

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