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Taobao Ordering Details

See a cute art toy and figurine you can only purchase on Taobao? Taobao requires a mail forwarder to ship items internationally. I can help you arrange this and if the shipping is too expensive, I can also help multiple people carpool in the same shipment to the Americas and then send out the products to each individual.

(the products page will be added to over time, if you have any inquiries about certain products please send me a message~)

Shipping Fee for Private Shipment - Straight to your personal address

(less wait time)


0-500 g : $42 CAD

500g-1kg : $53 CAD

1kg - 1.5kg : $72 CAD

1.5kg - 2kg : $80 CAD

Shipping Fee for Shared/Carpool Shipments- Shipment is mailed to me and I distribute

(more wait time as I look for people to share the overseas fee)

the calculated shipping fee to your address : $7+

-calculated based on address and weight-

*in all cases, you are responsible for paying any customs fee*

*Message me to arrange shipments~*


  • deposit for the item and overseas shipment is required before product is purchased

  • if a problem arises and the product becomes unavailable to be shipped to you, deposits can be refunded back to you

  • *if you choose to cancel the order yourself*, I will not be able to refund shipping or a full refund of the product

  • after a shared shipment arrives, an invoice for shipping to your address will be emailed to you

  • payment is required before I ship your order to you

** Squished boxes are unavoidable during shipping, only order if you're okay with this. If you want unopened boxes/bags, that releases me from being responsible for the condition of what's inside (whether it be damaged, missing parts, wrong item, etc).**

If you have any other questions, feel free to DM on Instagram @wonderwishes_cherrie or @treats.for.ur.shelf

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