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Bun-chan Yakuza Amigurumi Crochet Pattern (Pt 1/3)

-A $12.20 CAD written pattern by Wonder Wishes Studio, inspired by a Bun-chan amigurumi commission-

This amigurumi pattern is a creation from Wonder Wishes Studio. Copyright © 2023 Wonder Wishes Studio. All rights reserved.

Please do not publish or distribute the content here, including the images, pattern and instructions. Do not reproduce any part of this page for commercial use.

Hello! Here is part 1 of the Bun-chan pattern, purchase required but I'll make the pattern details/info available to everyone to help you decide if you'd like to purchase~ Thank you for the support! In this set of blog posts, you will find written instructions and images on how I create my Bun-chans. If you run into any questions or problems with the pattern, feel free to message me here, on Etsy, or Instagram @wonderwishes_cherrie! Edit: the pdf file that combines the bun-chan blog posts has been added to part 3. Download for offline viewing and crocheting~

This pattern is written in US crochet terminology.

Difficulty: Difficult (requires sewing smaller crochet pieces together and then continuing it as one piece, uses single crochet stitches, a project with lots of steps & requires patience please~, requires changing colours, requires sewing parts together, uses both continuous & joined rounds, crocheting with embroidery thread, shaping with sewing)

Language: English


As a guide for you, I make my Bun-chan's with medium worsted yarn (size 4) and a 3.5 mm hook. This yarn and hook combination creates a birb that is about 16 cm tall. You may use any size yarn and hook you desire; just remember that your finished Bun-chan may differ in size. Size will also vary depending on your crochet tension~

Materials Used:

Feel free to change out any colours according to your liking.

Optional: Sewing pins

Tie materials 👇

*You can make the tie however you prefer, ex. cut felt, needle felting, or crocheting. For crocheting, you will need embroidery thread and a 2.0mm crochet hook. I will provide the pattern for a single coloured tie. Colour changing is rather complex but I will include it in the comments section of part 3 unofficially for those who'd want to attempt it.

Crochet Stitches Used:

chain stitch, single crochet, single crochet increase, single crochet decrease, slip stitch, slip knot

Amigurumi Techniques Used:

magic circle, working in continuous and joined rounds, working in rows, sewing parts together, joining smaller crochet pieces together to make 1 larger crochet piece, changing colours, shaping with sewing

Stitch Abbreviations:

  • Chain ➤ ch

  • Single crochet ➤ sc

  • Single crochet increase ➤ inc

  • Single crochet decrease ➤ dec

  • Slip stitch ➤ sl st

  • Fasten off ➤ f.o.

  • R ➤ round (or row)

  • rnd ➤ round

  • x ➤ repeat what’s inside the brackets, the number after the “x” indicates how many times you repeat

  • Instructions within round brackets (…) indicate which stitches are repeated

  • Numbers in square brackets […] indicate the number of stitches in the round

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