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DIY Christmas Crochet Coasters - QUICK & EASY!

As I was looking for a Christmas gift I could make myself quickly, I found this pattern on Pinterest from

All I needed was some yarn and a hook and in less than an hour I got a classy coaster!

I used:

  • White and red size 4 medium worsted cotton yarn

  • Size 4.0mm crochet hook

Play around with the colours a bit to customize the feel of them. I made a set of plain white for a snowy wintery feel, as well as a pair of red and white to be more Christmas-y! I then played around even more with the colours and pattern to get a special made ~pokeball coaster~ If you want to make one too, I wrote down what I did *but* I didn't test the pattern so feel free to test it for me XD If any problems with the stitches come up, I'll correct it below!

Pokeball Coaster

-Modified from the pattern above

  • not tested yet~ leave a comment if you have any questions or found any corrections

  • crochet in joined rounds

In white,

R1: sc 16 in a magic circle, change to black

R2: sc in each stitch, change to white

R3: (sc, ch 2, skp 1) x4, sc, change to red, for the white either fasten off or bring it along while you crochet with the red, (ch 2, skp 1, sc) x3, ch 2, join the rnd with white

R4: continuing with white, sl st into next st, sl st into next gap, ch 3, dc 3 into gap, ch 1, (dc 4 in next gap, ch 1) x2, dc 4 in next gap, change to red, ch 1, (dc 4 in next gap, ch 1) x3, dc 4, change to white, ch 1

R5: sl st 3, sl st in gap, ch 1, (sc in gap, ch 5) x3, sc in gap, change to red, (ch 5, sc in gap) x4, change to white, ch 5

R6: sl st, sl st in gap, ch 3, dc 6, (ch, dc 7 in next gap) x2, change to red, (ch, dc 7) x4, ch, dc, change to white, dc 6

f.o. and secure all the ends

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