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Nanci Sports Day Blind Box by Rolife -Table Tennis Photos-

My mother purchased an opened Nanci blind box and said she was going to give it as a gift. After I did a photoshoot and took some photos of it, she decided to keep it for herself! It is rather cute!

Here's what the whole series looks like:

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments! They're all playing sports while asleep XD. Now here's some solo photos of the Table Tennis Nanci! My favourite features of this figure are her cute skirt and little ping pong ball!!

If you're interested in picking up some of the blind boxes from this series and would also like to support me in more toy photoshoots, use my affiliate link to Robotime's online shop here: Nanci Sports Day Blind Boxes

[Disclosure: this is my affiliate link from Robotime and I will get a small percentage when you purchase with my link. This figure, however, was not sent to me for promotion and was bought personally. Thank you for reading my blog post!]

At the time of this blog post, Robotime has a coupon code for purchases $109USD+. Save 10% with coupon code "happynewyear"!

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